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We contacted and asked to test Dive energy complex  to numerous experts in diving activities. Including three former athletes in the world of spearfishing, who gladly underwent tests in the water using the product. They were chosen because to date they continue to practice intensely the activity with several hours out at sea. A more than reliable test to confirm the results of the Dive energy complex


 "when I stay in the water for several hours, and my energies begin to run out, I feel the need to have an extra gear, especially towards the final stages of the exit. Using Dive energy complex I am satisfied with the results obtained."

Massimiliano Barteloni , Mares athlete with proven experience. A brilliant sporting record that made him famous in the world for his skills as a great competitor. Today a frequent visitor to the sea, he regularly practices spearfishing with challenging and high level hunting trips.


"I felt the need to support the days of intense activity with a support that could guarantee me  a greater energy reserve. After a few test runs, I was convinced that Dive energy complex was right for me. Now I will use it regularly especially because I go into the water frequently and my outings are always several hours. "

Fabio Antonini , undisputed example of an international athlete defined as “multitasking”, that is, capable of interpreting any global place or any depth. Great adaptability and enormous experience make this athlete an important character in the competitive field. He has never stopped practicing spearfishing and continues to frequent the seabed at a high pace.


"There are periods during which I go to sea almost daily and I feel the need to supplement my diet with something that can help make me feel better, especially in the final parts of the day. I gladly tested Dive energy complex and found it excellent for provide me with the right energy in my fishing trips ".

Roberto Praiola is an athlete who has always shown grit and determination in his career. Great frequenter of the sea with an innate aptitude for difficult bottoms. Always attentive to every need in every situation, he perfectly knows every strategy to decree every exit at sea with a success. Still tireless today, he spends a lot of time in the water and practices Spearfishing with high commitment outings.

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